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    About Aperio

    Aperio, a venture of the University of Virginia Library, draws upon the strengths of the University to increase open access to knowledge for a global audience in a variety of formats—journals, monographs, open educational resources, etc.

    Aperio publishes discipline-leading, high-quality open access journals that are freely and immediately available online. By removing price and permission barriers for readers everywhere we increase the dissemination, visibility, accessibility, and impact of research and scholarship across the disciplines.

    We recognize that no institution can afford to provide access to all of the literature that readers need. The high cost of journal subscriptions not only functions to artificially limit the accessibility of articles, it also decreases their potential research impact. Therefore, we make all of our articles freely available with little or no restrictions on reuse. This will increase the dissemination and impact of our authors' work, foster collaboration among researchers and scholars, and promote further inquiry.

    Aperio is assembling a transdisciplinary Advisory Board of well-respected UVA scholars to help ensure the academic integrity of our publications. Journals are edited by distinguished experts in their respective fields, so that publications are held to disciplinary standards, such as rigorous peer review.


    Aperio publishes open access journals that reflect the various fields of knowledge represented at UVA, including new and interdisciplinary lines of inquiry.

    Aperio works towards the decommodification of research and scholarship; our journals have very low or no author-facing charges and are published under a Creative Commons license, making them free for readers everywhere to access and use.

    Aperio maintains high academic standards for our journals and ensures that they are edited and produced in a rigorous manner that adheres to disciplinary norms.

    Aperio supports both experimental and traditional forms of scholarly publishing. Our publications are professionally produced, widely disseminated, and digitally preserved.

    Diversity Statement

    Aperio, as a service of the University of the Virginia, shares the university's core values of ethics, integrity, academic excellence, and diversity. Therefore, we are committed to promoting diverse voices in our publications, including those who have been traditionally underrepresented in scholarly publishing. We encourage editorial members associated with our publishing service to actively seek out board members, reviewers, and authors in underrepresented populations and heterogeneity among: race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, ability, age, and class.

    Publishing with Aperio

    Please contact us if you are a UVA faculty member, staff member, or student who is interested in starting a new journal or transferring a journal for which you are an editor or board member. We will be glad to discuss your goals and how our publishing service may help you attain them.

    We believe that participation in the scholarly conversation found in the literature should not be inhibited by an author's ability to pay. Therefore we strive to eliminate article processing charges. Our publications that levy APCs will keep them as low as possible and only to cover costs.