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    A venture of the University of Virginia Library, Aperio draws upon the strengths of the University to increase open access to knowledge for a global audience in a variety of formats. By making all of our publications open access—and removing price and permission barriers for readers everywhere—we increase the dissemination, visibility, accessibility, and impact of research and scholarship across the disciplines. We currently support the open access publishing of journals, monographs, open textbooks and other educational resources, and will consider other publication types well. Aperio’s publishing scope reflects the various fields of knowledge, including new and interdisciplinary lines of inquiry.

    Currently, Aperio is accepting proposals from University of Virginia faculty, staff, and students.

    Peer Review and Open Licensing

    Aperio and its editors have committed to following the recommended guidelines from the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE).

    In accordance with these guidelines, each journal maintains high academic standards and sets its own peer review process in accordance with disciplinary norms. Any content that is not peer-reviewed will be clearly marked on the journal website.

    Aperio’s content is published using Creative Commons Licenses, which guarantee that the copyright remains with the author while allowing the work to be freely and immediately available to readers.

    For more information about the integrity of our publishing practices, please visit our Research Integrity page.


    Aperio is building a portfolio of high-quality open access journals.

    Editors have access to our feature-rich platform that includes editorial management, production, and design services. All of our journals are accessible online through PDFs and other formats. We work with editors to index the journals in relevant discovery services to increase the visibility of the literature and increase its impact. All of our content is digitally preserved to ensure future access.

    If you would like to transfer a journal to Aperio or start a new one please click the button below to download the journal proposal form, fill it out, and e-mail it to publish@virginia.edu. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    If you are interested in using Aperio to publish other content (ex. conference proceedings, textbooks, open educational resources), please e-mail us with an expression of interest.

    Review Process

    All proposals and expressions of interest will first be evaluated by Aperio staff to determine whether it meets our scope and guidelines. Initial journal proposals that meet these criteria will be followed-up with a request for additional information to facilitate further review. We will get in touch shortly regarding all other proposals, as well, to discuss how we may be able to meet your publishing needs.

    Publishing Costs

    Aperio’s publications are always free for readers everywhere. In alignment with our democratic ethos, we work with editors to eliminate article processing charges whenever possible. If our journals do levy charges, we strive to keep them as low as possible.

    Aperio is interested in working cooperatively with other library and non-profit publishers, libraries, scholarly societies, and funders to creatively develop a scalable and sustainable model of publishing that eliminates charges for authors and readers.